Australian Smart Cities and Infrastructure Summit Agenda





  • Aligning planning, investment and governance to accelerate growth and job creation, stimulate urban renewal and innovation, and drive economic reforms 
  • Taking a closer look at the Western Sydney City Deal and what it means for your communities and businesses  
  • Assessing the key building blocks of a smart city – smart investment, smart policy and smart technology 


  • Assessing key drivers in Espoo’s transformation  
  • Espoo Innovation Garden: Working collaboratively with citizens, businesses, educational institutions, universities, communities and start-ups to accelerate economic growth  
  • How to develop a city that is economically, socially, culturally and ecologically sustainable 



  • International Perspective: Deriving meaningful insights from data to create a Healthy City 
Soumya Ghosh, Director of Digital Enablement, City of Edmonton, Canada 

  • International Perspective: Enabling all-of-government digital transformation  
Clare Toufexis, Acting General Manager of Services and Access, NZ Department of Internal Affairs 

  • Big data, analytics and real-time optimisation: how citizens provide continuous value to smart city evolution 
Dr Kate Harrington, Head of Strategic Digital Initiatives, NSW Government Chief Information and Digital Office



  • Becoming a smart council: Key components in developing a smart city roadmap  


Dr Scott Bourke, Director Innovation & City Transformation, Logan City Council



  • Leveraging data for improved decision-making to deliver citizen-centric services 
Kylie De Courteney, Chief Customer Officer, Service NSW 
  •  Protecting citizen privacy in the data age 
Samantha Gavel, Privacy Commissioner, NSW Information & Privacy Commission
  • IoT-driven citizen engagement – next wave of smart cities? 
Garry Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, City of Joondalup 


  •  The importance of a digital strategy in revolutionising construction

 Andrew Hill, Business Manager, Cloud A2K  




  • Implementing mobility-as-a-service: Mapping, optimizing and improving transportation 
Ishra Baksh, Executive Director - Mobility as a Service Programme Management Office, QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads

George Chemali, Project Director, QLD Department of Transport and
Main Roads
  • How to reengineer a growing city and retrofit it with smart technologies? 
Ian Hatton, Chief Innovation & Economy Officer, City of Gold Coast 
  • Delivering customer-driven transport technology applications 
Chris Bennetts PSM, Executive Director, Digital Products Delivery, Transport for NSW 

  • Geo-designing future cities to improve infrastructure decision making 
Prof Christopher Pettit, Professor of Urban Science, City Futures Research Centre 

  • Extracting meaningful insights from transport data and analytics to improve customer experience 
Karen Willetts, Director Transport Performance and Analytics, Transport for NSW
  • Implementing city-scale smart infrastructure integrated through an open IoT platform 
Craig Chung, Councillor, City of Sydney 

  • Advancing smart mobility through integrated systems 
Dr Nathaniel Bavinton, Smart City Coordinator, City of Newcastle
  • Future-proofing assets with smart technology  




  • How to create an ecosystem of open and citizen-driven innovation for greater collaboration and stronger smart city growth? 
  • Sustainable initiatives and opportunities for smart city investments and financing 
  • Adopting new approaches and technologies with open communication  



  • How Tel Aviv became the capital of the “Start-Up Nation” 
  • How the TLV municipality actively encourages economic growth and development 
  • How to develop and integrate systems for smarter management of the city  



Workshop: Applying a Smart City approach to solve complex municipal problems 

Sydney | 20 August 2019  

Put your learnings into practice! 

The pace of digital innovation has transformed how municipalities across the world are solving complex problems such as improving community health and safety and reducing poverty. However, this digital transformation has also introduced additional complexity in the municipal ecosystem. From collecting real-time data to ensuring data quality, and from eliminating data bias to enforcing data privacy, municipalities must address these challenges in order to meet the evolving needs of residents.  

Edmonton’s Smart City Framework proposes a balanced approach where data privacy and resident engagement form the basis of analytics-driven decision making. 

In this session, you will learn: 
  1. The foundational elements of a Smart City Framework 

  2. Data privacy, trust and ethics in a Smart City Program 

  3. Overcoming barriers to analytics-driven decision-making 

  4. The role of Ecosystem partners in enabling a Smart City  

  5. The contributions of vendors to Smart City initiatives 

  6. Integrating traditional civic strategic planning processes with a Smart City strategy 

Workshop Leader

Soumya Ghosh

Director of Digital Enablement, City of Edmonton, Canada 

Soumya Ghosh is the Director of Digital Enablement with the City of Edmonton's Open City and Technology Branch. Working with community partners, Soumya aims to advance the Open City and Smart City portfolios by driving innovative technology-focused solutions to improve resident services. Prior to joining the City of Edmonton, Soumya worked as an IT consultant with Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle Corporation, McKesson Corporation, and Deutsche Bank. Soumya will be addressing at the conference how to improve citizen's health by implementing a smart city framework that will deliver impactful changes in municipal programs, policies, and services.